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Long Range Planning

42/3 June 2009



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This issue will include the following articles:


George S. Yip, Timothy M. Devinney and Gerry Johnson

Measuring Long Term Superior Performance: The UK’s Long-Term Superior Performers 1984-2003


Jaana Woiceshyn

Lessons from 'Good Minds': How CEOs Use Intuition, Analysis, and Guiding Principles to Make Strategic Decisions


Tobias Fredberg

Organizing Customers: Learning from Big Brother


Matthew Checkley

Inadvertent Systemic Risk in Financial Networks: Venture Capital and Institutional Funds


Duncan N. Angwin and Maureen Meadows

The Choice of Insider or Outsider Top Executives in Acquired Companies


Gerard P. Hodgkinson, Eugene Sadler-Smith, Lisa A. Burke, Guy Claxton & Paul R. Sparrow

Intuition in Organizations: Implications for Strategic Management



This issue is currently in press. Scheduled date for publication is June 2009. Shortly, it will also be available on www.sciencedirect.com

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