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Long Range Planning

42/5-6 October/December 2009



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This Special Issue on the Internationalization in Financial Services includes the following articles:


Robert M. Grant and Markus Venzin
Strategic and Organizational Challenges of Internationalisation in Financial Services


Ingo Walter
Economic Drivers of Structural Change in the Global Financial Services Industry


Andreas P. Petrou
Foreign Market Entry Strategies in Retail Banking: Choosing an Entry Mode in a Landscape of Constraints


Tina C. Ambos, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Bjorn Ambos and Barbara Brenner
Evolution of Organizational Structure and Capabilities in Internationalising Banks: The CEE operations of Unicredit’s Vienna Office


Pedro Parada, Luisa Alemany and Marcel Planellas

Internationalising Retail Banking: Banco Santander’ Journey toward Globalisation

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