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Long Range Planning

42/4 August 2009



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This Special Issue on the Lessons for Asian Management from Japanese Firms will include the following articles:


Philip Stiles

The Changing Nature of the Japanese Business System and its Impact on Asia

Markus Pudelko

The End of Japanese-Style Management?


Mitsuru Kodama

Boundaries Innovation and Knowledge Integration in the Japanese Firm


Peter J. Buckley and Sierk A. Horn

Japanese Multinational Enterprises in China: Successful Adaptation of Marketing Strategies


Masaru Karube, Tsuyoshi Numagami and Toshihiko Kato

Exploring Organisational Deterioration: ‘Organisational Deadweight’ as a Cause of Malfunction of Strategic Initiatives in Japanese Firms


This issue is currently in press. Scheduled date for publication is August 2009. Shortly, it will also be available on www.sciencedirect.com


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