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Current Special Issues

42_4 Lessons for Asian Management from Japanese Firms, Guest Editor: Philip Stiles, publication August 2009

42_5/6 Internationalization Strategy of Retail Banks, Guest Editors: Robert Grant and Markus Venzin, publication Oct/Dec 2009


Latest Special Issues

43_2 Business Models, Guest Editors: Charles Baden-Fuller, Ian MacMillan, Benoît Demil and Xavier Lecocq, tentative publication 2010

This special issue will include the following articles:


Yves L. Doz and Mikko Kosonen

Embedding Strategic Agility: A Leadership Agenda for Accelerating Business Model Renewal


Peter J. Williamson

Cost Innovation: Preparing for a 'Value-for-Money' Revolution


Henry Chesbrough

Business Model Innovation: Opportunities and Barriers


Hiroyuki Itami and Kazumi Nishino

Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Profit for Now and Learning for the Future


Alfonso Gambardella and Anita M. McGahan

Business-Model Innovation: General Purpose Technologies and their Implications for Industry Architecture


Christoph Zott and Raphael Amit

Business Model Design: An Activity System Perspective


Rita Gunther McGrath

Business Models: A Discovery Driven Approach


David J. Teece

Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation


James D. Thompson and Ian C. MacMillan

Business Models that Generate Societal Wealth by Creating New Markets


Wendy K. Smith, Andy Binns and Michael Tushman

Paradoxical Business Models: Senior Leadership and Strategic Paradoxes


 Nicolas M. Dahan, Jonathan P. Doh, Jennifer Oetzel and Michael Yaziji

Corporate-NGO Cooperation: Co-Creating New Business Models for Developing Markets


Muhammad Yunus, Bertrand Moingeon and Laurence Lehmann-Ortega

Building Social Business Models: Lessons from the Grameen Experience


43_4 Strategic Performance Measurement, Guest Editors: Pietro Micheli, Rob Austin, Mike Kennerley, Jean-François Manzoni and JC Spender, tentative publication 2009


Special Issues in Progress

Social Software: Strategy, technology, and community, Guest Editors: Dominique Foray, Georg von Krogh, Stefan Haefliger and Eric Monteiro.


Past Special Issues

Executive Pay and Compensation, Guest Editors: Martin Conyon and Simon Peck, Volume 33/4 August 2000

Mastering Strategic Renewal, Guest Editors: Henk Volberda and Frans van den Bosch, Volume 34/2 April 2001

Risk: the Interfaces of Strategy and Finance, Guest Editors: Mike Lubatkin and Bill Schultz, Volume 36/3 June 2003

Peripheral Vision: Sensing and Acting on Weak Signals, Guest Editors: George S. Day and Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Volume 37/2 April 2004

Boundaries and Innovation, Guest Editors: Michael Gibbert and Liisa Välikangas, Volume 37/6 December 2004

Organizational Failure, Guest Editors: Adrian Wilkinson and Kamel Mellahi, Volume 38/3 June 2005

Reputation and Transparency, Guest Editors: Cees B.M. van Riel, Bob Eccles and Robert Grant, Volume 39/4 August 2006

Strategizing and Organizing, Guest Editors: Annie Pye and Andrew Pettigrew, Volume 39/6 December 2006

The Corporate Transformation of Korean Firms, Guest Editor: Choelsoon Park, Volume 40/4-5 August-October 2007

Managing Through Projects in Knowledge-Based Environments, Guest Editors: Joseph Lampel, Harry Scarbrough and Sebastian Macmillan, Volume 41/1 February 2008

The Crafts of Strategy, Guest Editors: Richard Whittington and Ludovic Cailluet, Volume 41/3 June 2008


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